Demo 2015

by At Ease

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released February 19, 2015

Jayden Mundy (vocals)
Bryce Mason (guitar)

special thanks to;
Jordan Milonas
Cameron Martin
Haydn Martin
this album wouldn't be possible without these guys



all rights reserved


At Ease Wollongong, Australia

Just a few dudes who enjoy writing music go give us a like. X x

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Track Name: Decisions
Another lesson never learned
another bridge I fucking burnt

they say it's easy to explain
the way that light never shines on me

and honestly I'm just so scared of the decisions in my head
they will be my end

And I've fallen short
I've lost myself again
It's just a long shot
from a dead end kid

you are the reason that I hate this world
you are the reason that I hate myself

Well i guess this is a desperate plea
for someone to notice me

I'm holding my breath
I'm falling again

You were the blood in my veins
You were what kept me awake

a dead end road.
Track Name: Hopeless
Breaking the hearts of hopeless
you must find it hard.
when every day is a constant struggle
you wont make it far
all the lies you live through
and all the shit you spoke
was it done in hopes that one day you wont choke

the persistent hatred of your own life
I know your struggle I know you're not alright
and these thoughts they lie in the back of my head
and I'm scared to death that one day they'll sink in.

maybe I'm just not good enough

maybe I'm just not good enough

maybe I'm just not good enough

good enough to feel love.
Track Name: Upstream
I just want to see the skies clear
I just want to see the clouds part
I need a hint of light I need a hint of hope
I never asked for this much

Lock me out shut me down x3

you wont break me x3

I wont be part of the sheep
your system isn't for me

I'm stuck somewhere between
the ocean and the stream

up stream

the tide is always against me